Saturday, June 4, 2011

June is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *shouting

Hello guys :B

Look. June is here. second semester is Not to soon. I'm gonna pack my beg which I already sent the rest in my current room in different cluster today :o yeay, I like my room for now. Much better that the older one. and the outside view from my area room is so magnificent. SEA!!!!! Yeahh..:o will uploading the picture soon. (mau jga bha ;P) but the thing is I'm going to miss my mom dad bro sis cat dogs and my bed soon ;( and the schedule is pack. This is not cool at all. I hope I can going back to home every weekends.

anyway, I'm going  to put more effort on my second semester. The subject are getting harder. although, my first semester pretty excellent :3 (do I need to say more :3) but if I do not take it seriously, I'm gonna fall down easily. I have to maintain the my grade and hopefully keep the dean list on my examination result paper :3 seriously, sa mau balajar bagus2 supaya sa dapat karja yang bagus2 nanti trus sa mau beli rumah kirita sama sa mau bawa mama sa jalan2 :3 (do I need to translate here?) more challenging in forward.. here I come!

pretty excited. Goodnight. zzzzzz

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