Sunday, June 5, 2011

Green Connection

So my friends and I went out to the Green Connection in Likas a few days ago. suppose to update this on that day but I am too busy for making my life miserable. Haha. no actually I didn't manage to find the right time. So, back to the main story. Green connection is actually an introduction of eco-treasures of Sabah. In that cases, you can walk through the wonders of the water cycle in many ways. Various of marine life you can  found right here. If you are too excited to see the aquatics life this is the right place for you to go. moreover, you can come face to face with the ultimate underwater predator in the open ocean here. More information click this.

so, this is some of the pictures on that day.

most favorite :3 look at the single turtle here in the open ocean

You also can find other species of animal here. oh yeah.. almost forgot. The green connection also provided science dorm where you can find variety of science application, experimental and games which you can play along. It was totally fun. The most important thing is I realized that how important to us to preserve the aquatics treasures. our natural heritage. especially the sharks. Now people are more crazy about the shark fins. They are willing to kills hundred of sharks only to get its fin. If you want to show this heritage to your next generation, you have to say no to endangered animals. Say yes to animal rescue. You can do it now. 

p/s : The entry is only RM15 for an adult. But if you have student card, you will get discount for only RM10 per each. :3

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