Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Friday

Taken this picture during auto show in UiTM. So cuteee :3

Hye guys. Its April and exam is around the corner. I'm afraid that I can't pass the subject. (palis2=.=) Anyway, I'm not feeling so well in the past week before and after the supermits. Yesterday was our last common test for business mathematics and I can't stop coughing all the time. I knew some of the students were annoyed by the sound from me. Haha But what should I do. Please get well soon coughing and flu.. I need to sit my exam :/ 

I have to be more specific about my time table. I even did not know where to start and which one I have to  cover first. Hurm.. any idea? :/ 

Women in the mirror. Haha. Hello Friday :D 

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