Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crazier week

seriously, I looked fat. good news .

Hye guys. Been so busy in the past few days. But I'm glad that the hectic moments is now over and I can focus on my study since exam is coming up soon. It freaks me out! Oh no.. I haven't starting my engine yet :/ hurmm.. I need to give a hundred more percent if I would like to be one of the Dekan-ess student in UiTM. Haha.. Anyway, I had a very great time in the past few days. Except for my supermits day. Ngee.. adakah patut saya bulih tercabut undian sama2 dengan kumpulan DIA. 3 team lagi tue! Haha.. naa.. terkeluar sudah sabahan saya. nda kisah bha kan.. as usual.. I'm proud to be Sabahan :D Keluar tupic sudah..

Anyway, back to my story. The supermits was held on 24-27th March 2011. I was supposed to followed this two events which is basketball and the other one is netball. But the saddest things is I had to choose between this two games since it was clash anddddddd the worst things is we did not have enough player since the others were busy doing their HBU marching at the same day. To be honest I would love to play basketball more than the other one . Netball got a lot of rules you need to memorize especially when it turns to your feet. But finally, I had to chose netball because I did not want to hurt others feeling. So, we did won but lose in the semi-final with DIAs as well. But we enjoyed the game a lot and I would like to thank every person who give much of effort to this game.

So the night after, we having our TAC dinner. TAC stand for accountancy club UiTM Sabah . It was a fantastic night except for several mistake that I couldn't explain here. Anyway overall the part 3 student did a very awesome job. The best things about having a dinner is the fantastic FOODs. muahahaha..

three gorgeous ladies at the night
and again I looked super fat. good news

so another story that I love to write in here is our superbeb marching competition 2011. It was a best memories to have with the part 6 students who were always worked tirelessly and struggling every night only to ensure the success of this marching. They are so sweet and nice !Thanks to all part 6 students. Because of that we managed to get 1st runner up behind DPIM after a long period of time not having the title. Hehehe. We'll missing every sweet and bitter memories with them. Oh yeah. they even created a group in facebook among us so that we always being connected to each others. 

i miss all the moments we've been through together :)
Anyway, I'm gonna stop right here. Gonna try to be in love with all the books now. Haha. tehee ~

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