Monday, March 21, 2011

Be on top

You know. When someone telling you that he is in love with you, what would you do? Accept him. or Ignoring the statement. or Maybe you make some flirt with him. But if he is playing some sugar with another women what could you do to him? I mean what is your feeling towards to him. Jealous or maybe you'll whispering 'Ohh.. good for him :D' or 'Yeah.. go ahead. Do what you wanted to be'. Anyway, I guess I'm lacking of interest with men nowadays. No. I'm not gonna be attracted to any of footballer or futsal fanatic anymore. Enough with the past. Haha. Football are men priority. I guess I need to find another humble man soon. LOL. Kidding =.= LOL LOL

So, I am enjoying every moment in my life right now. Life is short. So, make it sweet. Hehe. Anyway, I am getting close and close to reach my goal every single minute in my life. There are only 3 weeks now before upcoming examination. I need to hold at least 3.5. But the problem is the hectic moments is not over yet. I'm gonna be busy for this whole week since I'm following a few of sports for upcoming Supermits competition this Thursday.. Plus kawad. Oh noo.. I'm gonna miss every moment so I think I should be appreciate every single second in here. Life is good.

Oh yeah.. I think I did so well on my tests recently. I got an A for business mathematics and IDA :D as well as speaking test. Thanks Lord and my family who keep remind and alert me :) They are the reason why I live now. So did you. Good luck for all the SPM candidates 2010 . Tomorrow will be the sweetest or maybe bitter for some of the students. If you did not do well with your SPM, let it be and continue to grab another chances next time. Don't give up. Good Luck. 

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