Sunday, March 20, 2011

Showing my love

Spending my time to watched glee today. Yeah after a long period of time finally I get some music track back with glees. I know I've been posted so many of my campus lifestyle nowadays.. I guess I'm lacking of my music addiction right now. But hye.. I'm still hoping that I can continue to pursue on music someday. Maybe after finish my diploma. Fyi, I'm still keeping and sticking on my old dreaming okay. Haha. Anyway, after my heart was broken by Finn, I couldnt stop sticking on my eye with this guy. Haha. It's Chord Overstreet who's played Sam Evans character on glee. What more can't I say. He's HOT. Hahaha :D

 ok ok stop it Melissa. You should doing your room chores now. 

By the way, show your love and support to Japan by clicking this site. My prayers to Japan and this earth :)

This is how Ryan nigahiga showing his love to Japan. Sweettt.

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