Saturday, March 19, 2011

when good times is ended

I was so touched by the group of Japanese people in my church today. They were doing their volunteer work in Sabah over a few weeks ago and will come back to Japan tomorrow evening. When they found out about the sad news on what was going on to their country here in Sabah, I can imagine how it feels. I know they facing fear everyday and what is more distressing is knowing that your family is still in a dangerous place to be. I could see the sadness through their eyes. And when the leader of the group gave us talk about what was happened in Japan right now, I know he tried to restrain his tears. But what made me so admire to this person is when he told us that he will do anything to saving his family from all the dangerous situation. He is willing to release all the luxuries and facilities. Maybe some of you might says that all the disaster that happening right now is a sign from God. yes. it could be right. but If you think that your place is safe enough from the disaster you might be wrong. There is no place will safe forever. The only place is in heaven. I am quite annoyed when a few of people think that 2012 is the ended of this world. The truth is we will never know when is the Judgement will comes. Only God knowing that time. God is mysterious. One of the special things about God. Anyway, I know God always gives us hope and chances to be with Him. He would never giving up to be with His nations. He always looking up to us. We should never blaming anything to God when bad comes to us . If you realize that every allegations that you facing was a God's gift to us. It gives us the strength to lives in this world. Remember. God never wanted anything bad to His nations. Think positively guys :)
Anyway, pray for Japan :) and continue to worship God. God is good. God bless us.

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