Friday, April 15, 2011

day by day

Last Bel 120 classes with Mr Roslan T____________T

the girls 

The first semester is now officially over. No lah. Upcoming examination will be on 20th April. I'm nervous and I don't want to repeat any of my subject for the next semester. :/ Anyway, I think this is the most hectic week for the rest of semester =.= . Tons of assignment, tests, quizzes, presentation... blablabla :O and our tests paper for math and accounting have been released to us. Luckily, I'm pass for both of the subject :D . and  For accounting.. I don't give much of hope for the test but at least I got 75% at the end :) But still a lot of weakness I have to cover since I got lower mark for the first test (=.=') . 

Bha I think I'm gonna stop right here since tomorrow I'm gonna facing another tough day. 

God bless us.

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