Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy 1st March

I started learned and playing gamelan when I was in Form 4 student in my school. I never wanted to play it before this but something directly had changed my mind. Music is universal. Things has been so hectic this lately. I cannot be attending gamelan workshop anymore for the rest of this 1st semester. (I hope not) I know.. I lose so many great opportunity. But I believe that there's another day to come. I'll wait and grab it.

Crush?  If you had crush on someone you'll start to think about them every minute of the day. You care about them in a way that you wouldn't usually and you are too curiosity on what were they think about you. I admit that I had crush on someone here in UiTM. The problem is when you had a feeling to someone that is close to you but found out that he is in love with somebody . And the curiosity will killing you. I mean you really wanted to know who would be that girl to him. Maybe you. or maybe your girlfriend or else. I am that situation now. I hate it. I dislike it.


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