Thursday, March 3, 2011

putting important issues here

You'll realize something valuable here. 

Hye guys. been so busy for this whole freaking two month. The final exam is getting close and it freaks me out. but I'm excited as I passed the test for my business mathematics. guess what.. something precious happened yesterday. I did well in my presentation with my friend. Why I said so? because it was the last minute work and there's no idea that came out on my mind. I'm stuck for a few long hours. I was in a moody situation at the night before. imagine that our classes started from 8am to 6pm and continue with latihan kawad at 8pm. But God give me the valuable strength. and I know that He often whispered in my ear whenever I feel like i can't holding my hand again. He keep remind and alert me for who I am. I love you God.

*don't wasting food. There are so many starving children out there and I hope somebody is willing to help them. God bless.

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