Sunday, February 27, 2011

what's going on

Hey guys.

It's been quite a long time since my last updated. The schedule here are really hectic. Test, marching, modul, Mpp, meeting.. woww!! I thought this is kind of campus lifestyle for these day. The worst is I can't going back to home for almost two weeks now.  But I am so relieved for now because our common test is over. Anywhere, as I promises let the pictures above tells my story here :)

After doing my responsible as a UiTM student. Mengundi mpp bru bha haha

The first rainbow I seen in here. After brass band classes.

attended the pecah tanah thingy. the weather is freaking hotttttt and we have to wait almost 3 hours before the vvip actually sitting infront of us 

Classmate :)

we're happy children :D and always be

after our IDA classes.. me and the others decided to stayed in library for the whole freaking hours before attending our math test at 4pm

the gals :)

Modul for pembangunan diri

So guys.. I'm going to stop here. Lots of thing need to do now. I hope everything will be ok for the rest of this semester. God bless :)

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