Saturday, January 8, 2011

Updated began

Hye guys.

I'm currently at home for now and gonna return back to hostel at 5 pm. Sorry for the lack updated. I don't have the 'thing' to acces my blog for now. Hahaha. So campus life is good! I think I get to used to be here. Everybody seems to be nice and it's really fun to meet new people from different places. So, every new student is required to follow the introduction of intensive training curriculum yesterday. Yeaaahhh it was sooooo agonizing. Hahahaha. Even more suprising my fever was gone. I know there are some students that was lying so that she/he'll not gonna attend that marching. Oh yeah, I took brass band for my cocum for this semesta :D

Anyway, there's a lot of story to tell you but I'm having a little time to login this blog. :((((((

and BYE for now. 

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