Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stay Humble

After been rejected for music courses in Shah Alam, I would never expected that I would get a chance to learn music lesson again. :) So, we having our Cocum activity yesterday. As I said before, I picked Brass Band as my first options even though I knew that we could not changed the cocum ever again until the end of my three semesta. I am sticked and determined with my decision. Guess what, the coach that would be giving us a good training was actually my second former music teacher in my secondary school. Hahaha. However, when he directly saw me in the class he could not stop talking about me. He gave me too much complimented that I should not get it. I am stuck over there. Anyway, that's not the point and the key that I could played all the music instruments. I can't play at all. Although you have the basic music and at the same time you did learned the music notes in your high school it is not the guarantee to your success. For me, even I took music lesson in my SPM I am still in the process to becoming a good learner for music. I couldn't play and I need to starting my engine from the bottom same like the others.

By the way, I can't wait to learn the music lesson again. I would take this good opportunity and maybe someday I would applied the music skills into my accounting studies. Hahahaha. :)

Roomates :)

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