Sunday, January 2, 2011

New beginning

Hi guys. I'm back for a while. So, I decided to accept an offer from UiTM, where I had majored in accounting which is new for me. We have to follow the orientation for almost 5 days and what I can says is it was very exciting and painful.

I am very sad to leave my family at home especially my mother. I wake up with a very heavy heart. Early on the morning I have sent my family to UiTM. Seeing my family was going to leave me very sad. I am not so familiar with the new environment. But I got the best room ever where I can see the beautiful scenary outside. I can see the hills behind the mangroves. Our first activity was a presentation on the MDS. That night we were given the opportunity to see the competition in the festival dance halls Borneo UiTM.  At first it is very exciting but it was boring at the end of the show.

Imagine almost everyday we were given back to hostel at night and back at 4 am. Verry sleepy. Our activities continue with the registration of new students, faculty and the introduction of further briefings and presentations. The worst part od this MDS is the foods given is not tasty at all and almost everyday we are being scolded by our seniors. But this gives us the maturity to overcome the challenges and obstacles in front of each of us. I have great respect for all our seniors as they struggled in managing this MDS.

But I am very pleased that MDS has already reached its end. I will return to the hostel today. Very sad. I really miss my mother. :( I'm not ready to be in this environment but I will try my best to finish my studies. I will give everything for the sake of my family, especially my mother. Lord, help me in this life is. Keep me from all evil and the right approach My goodness. Amen.

Oh yeah. Happy New Year 2011. Let us together to face this life. Never shall we forget the origin of ourselves. Remember your parents and family. Obey God. :) God, Family and Learning is my priority now. What's yours?

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