Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Model contest

So, been watching the newest Australia Next top Model cycle 5 over a few days ago. But you know.. curiosity is killing me. I just can't sit over my couch and keep waiting the final result so I decided to clicked the wiki web page to found out the actual winner. And Tahnee won that contest. However, I don't understand why they are choosing the young contestant between 16 and 20. Still immatureeee... anyway, found out this video in you tube when I keep finding the source. It was the final episode when Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner of antm cycle 6 (=.='') Poor that girl. But hyee.. the real winner is more pretty and taller than the other one. But at last both of them can sharing the big prizes.

Laura Mitchelle from Australia next top model cycle 5. She is Malaysian and England born. How cool it is?

Still, I'm a big fan of America's next top model.

Oh yeah.. do you notice something on my blog? :P Good night.

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