Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moment with friends

Hye guys.

Happy Wednesday. Christmas is getting near. But why everytime I switch on the TV I can't found any of Christmas commercial or advertisement or public notice about this celebration. Hurm. But I think the spirit is more important to look at. I can feel the Christmas spirit everywhere. But do and take it less. Remember Lord every second in life :)

Anywhere, went out to the town with my best friend today. Met them when I was in a bank to opened another book account. It was a sunny day but we were having so much fun. It was a blast moment too. Missed them so much (T____T).

Dora and Hozana :) (the eyes is so weird)

Nasi Pattaya :P

Belong to Dora. She bought it when she was in Korea. Sooo stunning :O I can't even found out that thing in KK. The best fact about apple is there is no other way that viruses can be attacked. But it's hard to find the suitable software for this kind of thing.

This is so candid :P Yeah really

                                           Dora :) Best friend

Bought this motivational diary with a salesman when we were having our lunch at Yun Onn. It's only cost us RM10 each. At first, I'm not kinda interested to see it. But the containing makes me wanted to buy it. The book is filled of good motivation, calender, notes even mobile phone list etc. It's so worthy. Plus the skin cover is good to touch :P I think the cost should be more than 10 ringgit. 

Part of the book :) Love it. Now, I can do things easily in life. Do things for myself :D

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