Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm missing you right here

It's been a while since my last updated. My computer still in the same mood. The person who repaired my computer a few months ago still didn't give us two words to come here. At least you can call us. We only need your confirmation.. Anyway, I felt so terrible here. My worst month and year ever.

My heart falling apart now. I can't smile anymore. Yeah I can say to anyone that I am totally fine through to my face but the truth is I am dying inside of my heart. I know. God, family and friends would be surely unhappy to see me like this. But I can't hiding it. Sadness win my heart now.

I lost something valuable and greatest love yesterday. It was my lovely Bunny :'(. Ok maybe it's just an animal and we can easily replace it with any of it. Or some of you might says ok you look so stupid and fugly to wrote this or how could you be wasting your tears over an animal? Get over it! The fact is I gave half of my heart to this animal. I've been seeing this animal growing up so faster. 16 February 2010 was the date I bought and bring it to the new chapter of his life. I still remembered I kept asking my mom to buying me same species of animal that my cousin owned by herself. Haaaa! Finally. I can't described my own feeling how happy I am as a pet lovers. I called it FeiMau because of his freaking over-weight. Hahahaha(pretending to be happy)

I can say to you that I gave it so much attention and loves. I took loving care of it and treated it as my best friend in home. Sometimes my mom tried to put my bunny's cage behind my home but hell no I was totally disagree. I'm proud to be the greatest owner. Yeh that's how I felt.

I thought he'll be living with us another 6 years but I was wrong. Something wrong with his eating habit lately. Sometimes he'll tried to threw back the seed I gave to him as a feed. I can't count how many times he acts like that. Anyway, there were a lot of sign. I kept dreaming and talked about it to my friends. But I've never think about it. I thought it was a normal things to do when you talk to friend about something that you love to say. So before he leave us, something really weird happened to him. He was not usually energetic compare to other days. I can felt something wrong would be happening soon. So, I wake up so early to look at him and hoping that he'll get better soon but it was not like what I wanted to be. Weak. That is only word I can wrote here. For a sudden he bring out a weird acts and sound. I can't stop praying to God. A few minutes later :'(:"(:"(:"(:"(:"(:"(:"(

Felt so horrible. I can't believe that my lovely bunny had gone for-ever! I can't stop crying until now. I can't stop thinking of it. I can't slept. I can't stop blaming myself. I am suppose to know that early :'( It feels like my world ended up faster. I don't have my bestfriend to comfort me anymore. I don't have friend to played with. The worst is I don't have companion to accompany me watching TV or study. Until now my tears still falling out. I try to accept the fact that he has gone forever but I can't. I can't convince myself. ;'(;'(;'(;'(;'(;'(;'(

I'm smiling but inside I'm dying. I felt empty for a sudden. Maybe it takes me several months to forget everything that happened just now. But I'll never ever forget my bunny. I'll keep it into my heart and lock it. You're my soul ;'(

Ok ok. enough. I don't want to be soooooo emoooo right hereeeeeee.. Have a nice and wonderful day guys. Please be appreciate anything that you own. Thanks Lord. May his soul rest in peace.


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