Friday, November 19, 2010


Hello guys. Happy holidays.

So, I've been so soooo emotional lately. But now I'm a bit ok compare to my pass days. I think I can accept the fact now. Hurm.

Oh yeah, I'm on my holiday mood now. It's super boring to be home for 24 hours. No internet. No outing. No books. No Tv. Ok ok ok I'm kidding lol Anyway, do you guys watch asian games? I did and I am super like it compare to other shows on TV. No. I'm not kidding. Yeah I'm not born to be an athlete but I did know that ever since I followed athletics at my school the soul of sport starting to bear fruits each days. You know what I mean! Haha. Anyway, I'm a big fan of Japanese athlete right now. Yayayayaa.. of course I'll always support my own country.

Hye guys try to listen this song by David Archie when you feeling down or upset by something. Love this song anyway.

Missing my bunny....

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