Saturday, November 20, 2010

No more amazing race?

The reason why I'm sitting on my couch while made this not so cool posting is because I need to get away from my TV now. I don't understand why some of Malaysian athlete could not be able to maintaining their winning when compete in Asian or Olympic games.

So if you wondering where do I takes a chance to posting some stuff here is because my sister will stay at home every weekends. That's why I could be able to facing off the net. Hahahaha.

So my main topic is do I still watch Amazing Race US and Asia when my Team Jumba and Team Ethan and Khairie is out from the race?

Yes I did except the previous episodes when they got eliminated. Hahaha. The curiosity control my nerves. So before watch the show, I decided to found out the result in the amazing race facebook fanclub. Hahaha! Too bad both of my favorite team got eliminated:( and I'm hoping that Team Jumba would wins this race. Anyway, Dating team gonna lose this time(=.=#)

New song from AJ Rafael

Digi Broadband super duper sloooooooooooooow! booooo

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