Sunday, November 7, 2010


Do you recognize him? It's Kevin Wu people! Hahaha.Well, for some of you who doesn't even know him he's now taking part on the Amazing Race with his coolest dad. What making it more interesting to see is beside the adorable look, he is chinese american comedian and you tube celebrity who is best known by his username KevJumba and currently was You tube's number one subscribed comedian. Now I get it. Asian people are the coolest human being in earth. Oh yeah he is 2o and cute :B XP

My favourite so far! Hahahahahahaha :D:D:D wtf he is so funny. I love his dad :D:D Coolest dad ever! Hahahahahaha. (ok ok enough) Anyway, get your flavour in You tube.

Between, support TeamJumba on Amazing race. Hope they could be the first father and son to win this race. (I'll not keep my eye on TV again if TeamJumba get eliminated from this race)

How cool it was?

So do you guys watch Amazing race asia too? Although I would like to see Ethan and Khairie to win this race but it would be nice to see different country to win this competition each season. Malaysia done. Singapore done. HongKong done. Who would be the next team? I'm aiming the philiphines. The Riches maybe.

I am the coolest gleeky ( I should saying this all the time)

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