Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello Peeps!

Just a short update. So, today went out to school for choir practicing and still the basses singer need a improvement A.F.A.P because we running out time. Oh yeah, as I'm expected 3 of the SASS students decided to quit from the team because someone asked them to do so. But I think it was fair because we need to find our originality basses or other part of choir from school and not from other places. We have too much talented kids out there but it is difficult to reach them. Overall the technique of breathing, voices, dynamic, expression and harmonize still need to do some improvement. We need to do more and more practice to gain the skillful. When you talk about compete in state level, you need to give a  triples effort to make it. The worst part is it is officially a open competition! But I believe we can make it to the final round. Hopefully! Cross my finger from now on @_@  By the way, to be honest I don't have sweet soprano voices compare to the others. I just love to sing like others :) And when you loves to sing, just sing with all your heart and soul. That's how you can make it sweet into melody.

Need to watch step up 3D ;-/

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