Sunday, September 5, 2010


I miss past story. But future won't stop flies along with the time.

Hi peeps.

I don't have any story to tell you. But today I really excited to met my grandpa and I just can't wait to balik kampung during the EID. Bha apa cerita kita ini kali? Pasal si Luca Lucas tue? Haiz.. nda payah lah cerita pasal urang yang tak tahu malu betul tue. Urang macam tue maw minta publisiti saja tue. Dia tak dapat masuk AF kan.. itu lah tue terlalu desperate maw jadi femes. Haha!! All I can says is he's so PATHETIC! Thank you.

Oh yeah I need to arranged back my time. Seems like my project timing came with a failure result. One more thing. I don't have my study soul now. I felt so lazy. So dizzy. So sleepy whenever I see a book in front of me. Now I wonder should I continue my Pre U programme in school or just leave it and taking diploma. I just have to wait 1 more year to finish my stpm but the problem is I might not be able to get excellent result and I have to start back my engine. I am not giving up just curious on what will happen next and after that. My mom wish that I can finish stpm and holding a degree after that and I have to respect and respon on what she request about. There is no way bha kan to achieve success. Hehe. We can be smart if we use the wise properly. Science + music = I prefer both. Hahaha

By da way, Vampire diaries is so fucking awesome teen drama compare to gossip girl. Haiyaa.. I should watch it early =.=

Elena is hot. I adore her :)

GTG. Tomorrow need to practice and I hate it. Good nite peeps:)


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