Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy holiday!

Found died lalat on my Karipap! silakaaaaa=.=

Hello Peeps.

I know guys I've been posted twice in row but I felt like wanna kept blogging to kept my eyes pop out. Haha. So, anyway as I said before I'm using my Pc back and now I will be able to updating every single day. Haha No lah. Busy disturbing my daily routine now. There are tons of assignment been giving to us. Feels like they are giving us school holiday along with the bricks inside our bag. We need to resting too bha. In other side of my story, I have to go school everyday for choir practising. Oh yeah, we performed our selected song in school yesterday and I hate to admit this but it looks so terrible and miserable. We doesn't have enough tenor and basses singer in school choir team so we have to import three of the SASS students to follow us. There were no complimented been giving to us. We still need to find the harmonize in each of us. Haha Anyway I need to go back my kampung in a next few days. I've been promise to myself that I would take care of my grandpa during school holiday. At the same time I've promise with some of my friends to hang out with them anytime soon during these days. Seems like 2 weeks is not enough for me to break my burden in home. I need resting my mentality =.= but I just can't wait to see my grandpa and my bestfriends.

Oh yeah I decide to apply music courses in UITM without permission from my mom. Hahahaha. My mom will be mad on me anytime soon since she's not give me encouragement to further my studies in diploma. I am afraid that I might not be able to get good result in my Pre-U. You need to be obsessed to get something that you really want.

Oh A friend of mine brought us a lots of mangosteen on thursday and I kept two of these mangosteen in my pocket. LOL

My twilight version. Hahaha.


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