Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My days!

Hi peeps.

Sorry for the lack update! Again, my PC at home ruinned my day for blog! It is all because of the connection problem between my CPU and wireless at home. It happened for sudden. =.= No lah. It was my fault actually. I kept turn on and off the CPU a few days ago. Huhuhu T_____________T I am sad on my current situation now. First, my lappy got burned by me. Secondly, I change my CPU settings (avira's fault). Thirdly, I am the reason why my mom had to spent more money to repaired all the damaged. I need to accept the fact that I have no connection with them anymore.

In the other story. I miss the choir journey! And yes the journey is not over yet. Haha. We have another performance/competition(hope so) to do next week and another day. I'm so excited to sing again. Meanwhile, I just knew one fact about joining the choir. You'll get lots of friends from another area and that is happening me now. Haha. It is good to be recognize sometimes :P Anyway, It doesn't mean that you are now being a popular kid in your area. It looks like you get a penpal from another country. Haha. Anyway, I really wanted to posting the video here but I can't do it in school IT lab. =___________________=

Speak about my study, all I can says is I have no feeling to continue my studies in pre u now. I know. I being a hypocrite sometimes but it is hard to be a smart person nowadays. I mean smart the way you think and speak. Ok. Just assume that you are understand. But no matter what I am facing now, I have to study with a struggle mode for my excel examination now. Must and need! Next time you'll see me as a book worm kid. haha. Joke. I prefer to study music now compare to science. I just can wait and see the result.

random pic in IB

Blablabla~ I have to go home now.

A song for you.

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