Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hi peeps. How are you today?

So again headache attack me just now. I wish I could have weapon in my hand now so that I could kill each of the viruses inside my head. No. I'm just kidding.

Anyway, as you guys know I've been posted most of the choir topic inside my september post. I'm glad what I did because it looks similarly with the glee's journey. Haha. So, I obtained many of lesson from this journey. Since I took my step into this school, I've never dream to be part of this choir team. The lesson is when you takes singing as your soulmate, you'll automatically get the voice.

We had our own sweet and bitter journey. We always having the same problem each day. One of the problem is lack of singer. Yeah. Honestly when we had our first performance in front of the school student, all of them started to worried at us. They felt like we did not have any of qualilty to be part of this competition. But we were sticked with our main focus. Accept and forgot the criticism.

We spent most of the time in school during the holiday. Every mistake we did in the past make us more determine to revenge back. The best part is we did learned new thing every single day. We learned how to express and be friend with the song. Haha :D

15th september is the day. Nervous attacked me. What I'm afraid most is we would cause frustration to our teachers. I did not want to go home sooooooo early. I bet all of us felt the same way too. So, 13 groups included us were competed each other. They picked us randomly and so we're the second team to performed. Whenever I heard the other teams to sang, I saw our chances to be in top 5 getting more smalleeeeeeer. Surprisingly we had made into top 5! I can heard the shouted from my teammates. Haha
It was the best moment ever.

It was tiring day. The top 5 need to be on the hall to rehearsal for the final day tomorrow and still we need to go back to school for the last practicing.

16th September. The final day. We're the first group to performing. It was good performed but not good as yesterday. I think all of us were tiring and lack of energy. The other four teams did well especially the St. joseph papar and Convent group and Sassian student and again I felt like we're the bottom team=.= But we had been called as the third runner up. It was a good result. :) Suprisingly we were also received the Persembahan Harapan team. Haha. So as a conclusion we got two certificates, two cheque and a trophy. Hahahahaha ;D If we did more better maybe we would be in top 3 teams but it was okay because all the teams were doing great job and I salute them.

It was a fantastic moment. From the first criticism to the last suceeded. I salute Cikgu Menson for his creativity, Cikgu Raineh for her concentrated and Cikgu Angeline for her patient to us. I'm proud to be part of this new team. I'm proud each of the members. Thank you Lord. It's all because of You.

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