Thursday, September 23, 2010

Awesome song

Hi peeps!

So I'm taking this chances to wrote today in my school IT Lab. My PC is still in a sleep mode. A friend of mine introduce me some of acoustic song in you tube. Here how the story goes. I introduced her some of Davey Langit's song but she doesn't even like it. Again I am bad when comes to you tube guys. Haha. Anyway, both of the singer from filipino and I realized that most of the filipino can sing as well as acting. Oh yeah they got lots of awesome song in youtube. Haha:)

So today for the first time ever we have no class from the morning until noon. Haha. I wonder what would be happen if everyday of our life is just the same as today?

By the way, we just finished our choir meeting today. I thought that they would give us some of reward after we won RM2000 last thursday. But then it was just a dream. They propose to do choir member t-shirt from the money that we won=.= Of course there a few of money left to us but not much as I thought. But its ok and we should be grateful. Anyway, they decide to organize field trip for us and still we have some of competition to entering.

Ok then. I have to go. have a wonderful day~

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