Friday, August 13, 2010


The bonding above officially made by me. Haha. So, we learned the types of bonding for our chemistry syllabus today. Yeah. I can't gave my concentration at all.

Our collection so far. Which do you think is the most interesting to see in your stunning eyes? I loves both of the butterflies. Haha So yeah.. 6 more to go to complete it.

I loves this picture of us. Dazzling and classy. Haha.
Anyways the glasses looks fugly to wear.

Bha, Merdeka month is here. Not forgetting 16 september 1963. Correct me. So 16 september was the day we were finally be part of Malaysian :D. I'm asking myself what would it be if Sabah Sarawak do not entering Malaysia?

Missing the group. Missing the performances.

Wow. Found this picture in my FB. I almost forgot it. I look tall here. Haha. minta puji dulu=.=

Kokol. I missing these two person.

This piece of music is the sweetest notes of my soul.
The melody sooo classic and elegant.
The music is so stunning.

I'm sorry peeps. Posted to much pictures. I can't handle it. Pictures is the best way to described something rather than typing and making errors. Hahahahahaha.....
Ok, I need sleep. Going church tomorrow :)

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