Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bazaar Ramadan

So, my father brought us to Bazaar Ramadan in Tuaran today. This is the first time ever I went out to Bazaar so I am excited to go. Haha. Bazaar selling lots of delicious traditional Malay foods and I can't wait to see it. The only word that stucked on my mind is food.

See, the Bazaar was crowded with people and many of different stall been set up here. One of the good thing when it turns to Bazaar is the food are not normally found in other places during the normal days. You can find your favorite food or any other food that you rarely to eat. It is difficult to make choices on what to eat and drink because there were many of wonderful foods and drinks here. The best part is everyone takes their time to see and survey the foods. Hahaha So takes your opportunity to visit Bazaar because it only held once in a year. Anyways we bought lots of foods. One of the list is Lekor laaaa.. Haha. Harus ada.
I'm hoping to go Asia City's Bazaar la next time :D

跳出去. Jump. Lompat
Watched this freaking awesome movie. Bulih kasih kala step up oh. Haha. The story is funny and I laugh too much. No wonder lah because the originality story was made by Stephen Chow. I like the bboy dancer the most. Tralalala..

Anyways, found this video in one of my bloggerlist.

Good motherhood. Auntie, you are the best. Haha Goodnite.

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