Thursday, August 12, 2010

24 hours project time

The hardest thing when you being a pre U student is you need to prepare lots of energy to face off tons of homework. I am not finishing yet because the answer doesn't appear for few minute so I decided to browsing the net first. See, I could not handle it. I wish I could have 48 hours per day. I mean all of us. Seems like 24 hours did not enough for someone who always making an excuses. I am regret for what am I doing just now. I can't study at all. So, I decided to organized my 24 hours project time so that I could live with more smiling on my face. I did it for several time but never been followed it since the net disturbing my life. Without no effort.


I am a bad in painting lol. So, what do you think of my arrangement time? Haha. I think I need to change my sleep mode. I am easily to get sleep on class. Do you think study in 6 hours is enough for someone like me? And did I need to split up the homework section with the study mode? We are giving lots of homework every single days. =.=  The others section is all about my personal stuff. Ok, I need to start my engine now so that the oil do not falling out so quickly.

In the other case :



Look at my bunny.
I can't let him go outside.
Never been outside anymore.
Because to catch him and put it back into his place is so difficult.
Tough and fast.
He addicted to bite something whenever making his eyes interesting to do it so.

Bha, I need to sleep. The reason why I stayed up until midnight because today was friday. Friday means we can go home early. Oh yeah, happy fasting month!
Good night!

p/s : The aunty broke her promises. =.=

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