Monday, July 19, 2010

Penpal things

Guess what I found on my old desk yesterday?

Old letters from my pen-pal. I used to wrote a letter when I was a young junior kid. There were no technology system in my sweet bitter home at that time. Yeah. Of course I had a computer but no connection to internet. I had one but the one need to connect with the telephone first and it was lame. Totally lame. I stayed 4 hours to plays Barbie because it was too freaking slow.

So, I decided to sent my form with Sun Life in daily express newspaper and never expecting anyone would wrote me a letter. I was wrong. The first letter I received back to the 2005 era. She was a convent girl and her english so freaking good! I adore her. Yet, we had lost contact for several years. It was nice knowing her. I even received a letter from a young and fresh kids. Too younger to wrote a letter. The funny was the way she wrote so freaking formal. Haha. I remembered I also received a letter from someone who did not put her/his name inside the letter. Weirdo lol.

A letter from me to my other penpal. I forgot to sent it or I just too lazy for doing this again. I thought this is one of the reason why I stopped doing these penpal things. I know. The technology have expand it wings. Everyone got email, facebook, friendster etc nowdays. Just press the button of your computer and connect it with your broadband thus you will get connected with your long time friends. Even a young kids now can feels the enjoyable moment these days.

As for me. I am truly happy because I have so freaking good opportunity to write a letter and send it with postmen. It's good to be born on 1992. I missed my childhood moments~

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