Friday, July 16, 2010

Hard and hard

Hello Blogwalkers.

So, a lot of things going on this weekdays. Yeah. Same routine for every single days but different the way I did. We having our UGM for 5 days in row. For those who did not know the word belong to it is actually our little easiest examination but not so important lah because it did not include in our school system. Just in case to let the teacher knows how far you do understand the subject been teaching for you.

Math T vol 1 was freaking hard you know. My math teacher teach us like we were in real University. Too fast too curious. But it was good actually because we can now learn how to stand our own feet lol. I did understand but the way he teach us just like a machine. I can't even answer the question T_T One more thing. He did not asked us doing the STPM practice in our revision book. So, I thought that was a little problem to me to answer the question. Saya besa buat latihan besa ja bah! And Math 2 twice easy than the Math 1 lol.

Biology. My favourite so far. Haha. I heart all the topic given in our course book. The question given not too hard but some of the difficult word is hard to remember! Need a lot of memorizing skill like I did in History. Oh, PA is just like History! I like it since I am into a political girl nowdays. Cikgu Julian always keep our eyes pop out. Haha. We did like it though:) Chemy. I can't described here. Cikgu ******* had showed us not so cool gays MV lol. Hahaha Funny as usual. Forgot the title and I really did not understand why he showing us such a fucking kind of mv lol

Since our class really need some improvement so we decided to keep it pretty than ever. Haha. Oh yeah, Thank for Cikgu Junus. He gave us 50 ringgit to support our not so cool project and we managed to buy many needed things. Photos coming soon.

Oh yeah, watched the finale of Showdown 2010 last wednesday. At last! Wakaka Crew won the showdown. But I believe Giller Battle Crew wins the showdown's heartbeat. Anyways, I love seeing GBC to won this shows but Malaysia decided to let Wakaka won lol. So arrogant lol. They did push some of the crew members form the GBC. The battle should be more longer and why invited a singer to performed but not a street dancer crew. And why they did not too mention about the crews and not realized how much they waste the time given lol. But I thought the show did a great job:)

Since my cellphone is upgrade so I think I wanna take pic from now on. Yeah. soon the DSLR would be mine. 5 years from now. Saya harus menabung. huhu

Playlist of the day :

Freaking awesome song! I miss Kurt.

Good night :)

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