Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Two days ago.. I went home early than usual. Took my breath. Took my rest. And plays PSP. Then I felt how smelly I am. I decided took my bath. But before that I went out to kitchen. So, I walked without switch on the light. But then.. something weirdo happened lol. Guess what...

Found dead long snake which I hates and afraid most! But, luckily my cat was strong enough to killed the snake. I did not know how and saw it. Or did my cat was too nice to brought a dead snake inside my home? No la. I trust my cat. :) He will never go outside because he was to afraid of my dog. Nda berngam dorang!

Most importantly was God saved our lifes. :) He would never let us get hurt. He killed the snake before we knows the dangerous would appeared to us. I was alone. Thank Lord Thank Lord.

Anyways, I like to showing you some pictures. I took it yesterday and edited it with Picnik. I did like it:)

My fav pic so far. The right side of my cat have been living with me since 2004.

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