Thursday, July 22, 2010

I needs

Hello local peeps. I am doing my not so cool assignment just now but I decided to browsing blogging world first. Haha. Too much assignment! I hates. And I would officially less online soon as sooner for some reason. Ok I tell you. As I said before my lappy just got burnt by the thunder lightning a few month ago. I was surprised! Haha. And my unpopular computer in home just been formatted but ended been destroying by me. Haha T_T So, I am using my sister's lappy now and she's told me that she wanna get it back by tomorrow evening! Arrggh. I hate her. No la. Love her bha lol. So, I could not be able to update maybe for a week or more. Unless my wallet full of green blues papers so that I could take the money to pay the online bill from cyber :D No way.

So what I have been doing recently? Nothing. I just fill my routine in school and home and school and home and school and home. But I did like it. Not getting bored at all  and I felt like I'm getting more closer with God :) But I realized how much I wasting my time for the whole weekdays. I just got addicted to PSP right now. Haha. Urrgg..

So, my class have been doing the Bio experiment a days ago. We had to killed the insects lol and here the pictures are

Goodnight! Have a blast:)

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