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Its July now ! Why time flying so fast? I think 2010 would be the coolest years ever because I seen a lot of awesome movie despite all the fucking drama that happened to me this early year and I don't care because they were fakers people I ever seen in my whole life. Out of topic. Ok.

I don't know who was the one copypaste here. I mean this film is damn fucking really looks like the Percy Jackson one.  I hate the snakehead. Bikin gali nie~
Rating : 5/10.

Hantu dongeng paling buruk saya penah tengok setakat ini =.=
Alasannya. Hantu dia macam alien.

Lanun punya creator. Yeay. Awesome movie lah juga because ada si Jake gyllenhaal:D and Gemma Arterton is the cutest actress ever in Tamparuli. Haha 7.9/10

Bikin confuse punya movie. Saya bingung karate atau kungfu punya movie nie.
Saya tunggu-tunggu dia maw kumite nie. Errr kungfu pulak. One more thing. Jaden Smith so skinny!lol

Yeyy. Super awesome coolest harmonies cutest movie ever.
 From the hat hatter to Alice dresses and everyone just decked out in Alice gear. Tim Burton was awesome. Between Johnny Depp super handsome. Yeay.

But If I have to choose one of these movies to watch, It would be definitely SHREK! Super duper power funniest movie however it was the last chapter of shrek collection.  Syuk sangat. :(

But! but again If I havveeee to chooseee one movie to watch with my toyssss, It will definitely going to be TOY STORY! I can's described here. Yeah I missed it. Bla bla. I don't want to typing so long because you'll never know what the head of this film about. Ask Andy. He knows everything.
More than 10

Haiya. Again I updating this blog so super power late oh. Saya teda belajar hari ini:(. Tell your the reason after this. Good night peeps. Tomorrow never die amylose cakap

Update : GBC in! :D

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