Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I can't believe

I can't believe I just stayed on TV just to watch Japan been knocked out of the game. Damn fucking hate you so much! Japan almost won. Damn damn damn. But I am still a fan of you blue samurai. Saw so many of their fans crying T_T 5-4!! Fucking loses. But its ok since spain would definitely kick the paraguay soon. As long as their win the match between portugal.  Since almost all my girl-friends hates Ronaldo including me so I bet for Spain.

Class was ended super late today. We were the only classes in lower six went out to school since the other three classes attending the seminar kerjaya in Pusat Dewan Belia Tamparuli. I am bit upset. But as long as we keep our faith for study it will be ok. :)

I am super fans of glee now. I just love their singing and dance move. And I need to show you how much I love them.

Im gleek.

But now I'm

super upset :(
Good night.

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