Monday, June 28, 2010

I wish I could

No la. I don't and never.

Done my homework. Done my notes. Done my study. I'm such a new person :D Oh hello readers. To be a hardworking man is such a great feeling to be. Why I don't mention it early?=.= Being a Pre-u student means you need to give twice harder than you were in form 5. Science stream is not easily to get through. It's hardest as we know. You need a lot of effort to be part in this stream. I'm happy to be here because it was my second options actually. I'm not ready for being separate from my sweet bitter home. It's good to teach you how to stand with your own feet before enter the U. But I need a plan to get through this drama. Yeah a plan who could make the dream come true. Study planning:) The first thing I need to do. Less online but keep update. Learn the past mistake. Pray to God. Must. Be good to your family and friends. Last but not least I need to pull up my socks if I wanted a good ending.  Amen.

A person who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Update : Dutch won. Yeah. Van persie bha. Slovakians people.. they have so many good looking player :P

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