Sunday, June 27, 2010

random minds

Hello Peeps.

Pertama sekali saya ingin menunjukkan sedikit kebanggaan dalam sanubari ini kerana diri ini telah berjaya melihat cerita seperti yang di atas. LOL Kejadiannya begini saya tak pernah pun tengok toystory yang petama dan kedua. Saya ingat tak syok! Rupa-rupanya udang di sebalik ketam cerita dia pun hampir sama dengan SHREK : the last chapter. Maksud saya di sini macam ending Toystory tue maw jadi pengujung dunia kartun dia sudah. Yala. Tak kan la si Woody masih ada semangat maw main sama orang muda. Tak kan la setelah si Buzz lightyear kena hampas cermin masih bulih berfungsi sampai 5 tahun akan datang. Haha. But I'm hoping this is not the last chapter of Toy story because we need buzz lightyear  speak his spanish again.. Message to all children outhere : Love  your toys. Appreciate them like Andy did :)


Once again. Yeah Germany won that match. 4-1 ok. Too sad :(. I'm not saying that England was my favourite but seeing Bechkam upset like dying is too damn for me. Boo for you Capello. Sepa suru xmaw kasih masuk si beckham. Rooney did not score any goal at all. I'm sad england losing that match. About the lampard's goal. It was not the referee fault at all. It was the fucking linesman. Pooorr. T_T Ok fullstop. What Capello do after this? Still coaching England? In your dream. I don't think so. But all the best for the squad. Mayby Maradona would be glad to coach england after that. Spain next :D

Showdown Rawks! Malaysian ever street dance competition. I would like to see Giller Battle Crew win this. Too bad Wakaka have too much fans outhere. I'm wonder. What is the factor that wakaka have other than Alam from STTYCD? Nothing! Haha. I would like to see wakaka battle with HMC phlow this week. It would gonna be hawt battle. Yeah. I love HMC too. Talking about our last borneo group Borneo Soul Breakerz, yeah they had been eliminated by the two unfamous but well-known Judges :(. It was not fair ok. Famous crew did not respect the BSB at all. Damn U. But I am not hating you FMC. Just a reminder. Please follow the rules. :)  My vote still would be GBC. Giller betul battle giller battle crew. For BSB, you were still the showdown's heartbeat:) haha Ok. For those who did not know what I'm talking about. Just ignore:) Crap.

Ok. Bisuk skul. Mesti rajin :)

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