Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hello! I know. It's been blablabla for not updating this blog of hers. I'd been so busy this lately. and with the past examination, I really hope I'm doing it well. No regrets. I've give all the effort and prayers towards the papers. Now, waiting for the upcoming result is like being in.. erm.. I'm not gonna say those words. HaHa. Anyway, holidays is here! :)

Number of pictures during this month of love ;)

My desk. urrg.. How I miss this moment yet so bikin panassss. haha

when you're an accounting student.. -__-

Packing after end of my last paper ;)

This is why I called it month of love. Its Birthday! :'D

Look mature here.

Sutera harbour resort. Love the magnificent view.

beautiful momma and baby nephew. Love love love ;')


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