Saturday, September 1, 2012


Happy September!!!! ;) 

Trying to write as many I could. But I couldn't facing the net almost everyday. anyway, let the pictures describe my herstoryteller today and onwards ;D
*malas mau menaip

June - August

Bukit Botak. Such a memorable day. All the hard work was worth it. Tired and exhausted ;/

Climb up the hill in Bukit Perahu. such a happiest Sabbath day along with HIM. :) 

Trying to imagining ;) *pikir2 apa mau makan tym malam

received something from the rector.. aiseh ;p

Jog por life ;)

zumba'ing with thems.;)

31.08.2012. at Dataran

Last but not least, Happy Independence day people. mostly for the peninsular people.;)

Sabah tatap di hati ;)

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