Tuesday, December 27, 2011

this is december

First at all. Hi everybody. Sorry for lack of updates. Believe me or not. I've been try to updates this blog for a few many times. 

First try : 

"Hai! Saya di sini!
I know that I've not been updating any post for a month. Well, luxuries thing is way from my mind right now. Living in countryside made me realized a lot of things. There are so many kids, women, men living with difficulty life but they were so grateful every single things they had. I am so amazed. No TV, Internet, Facebook, Astro, handphone ( I guess) You just name it! But still thankful. Every parents work harder to give a better life to their children. Anyway, I had a great experience and I almost cried because the time flies so fast. Now, I'm home! What can I says? My second semester examination result.. hurm well.. better than I thought because of last minute of study  I'm not expected getting higher than that. But I am so hoping to be on the Dean list again. No. Its not. T_____T sob sob sob. But almost. It takes only 0.06 and I think If I make another A on my result there is a way to get another dean. Its okay. Try harder for the next semester. All I wanna know is Melissa will come back soon! or later."

Then I ended my writing immediately but decided that not to publish this post to public. 

Second try :


What a day! It took me forever to be on my site again. Sorry. My mind been stuck for a couple months. I do not know what should I talk about. I had thousand of stories. but still not able to say anything. My days pretty sour. I just can't believe that I'm still alive until now."

and I decided to ended my story with no ending.

Third try :

"hello guys.

The year end is almost come. and Christmas! but, I never feel the same way of Christmas spirit almost my teenagers life. I miss my childhood Christmas celebration :')We always keep exchanging gift. and I never get the best Christmas gift ever =.=  Nevermind. 

so, today is the last day of classes."

So, what is really happened on me couple months ago?

October :

1. Birthday

(I lost the entire pictures on my bday and sista) WTFFFFF ( what the fish fish fish fish fish)

2. Kampung

This is my kampung. Auuuuw~ I really miss it. I spent most of my holidays in kampung with my grandfather. sadly, we can't go back to kampung for Christmas because the road is bad. i hate the jkr for now~ we have been waiting for so long but still can't finish their work. maybe next time.

November :

1. Bigbang is my new passion

I'm not a fan of Kpop like mostly teenagers do. But I must admit that I have been admire for BigBang even before the Kpop take the entire music wave in most of the countries right now. I began to recognize this band when their journey as a group have been recorded in a reality show called MTV. I just downloaded their entire album. Oh my! I love them especially Taeyang!

He's reallllyyyy cuteeeeee! does he? 

2. Helping a cat to get feed\


3. College life is begin

So, third semester is here Not mention to my new room in hostel. yeay, I love my new room except the tangga is killing me everyday!!!! It is more comfortable because we only have two person can fit on it. double room I think. Haha.

But still the pressure is getting higher. Lots of assignment, quizzes, test, practice.... so many to come. and sometimes my level of self-confidence getting lower every minute. Thank God. He always there for me. 

anyway, a few days ago before holidays we had some commercial project been given to us and have to finish it on the right time and right place. can you imagine? I wake up at 7 am and sleep at 4 am to complete the project on the right time with my friend. and Thank God! I managed to finish it. Thanks to co-partner and co-starring in making this fabolous commercial video. haha.

so, this is the video! enjoy! 

anyway, merry Christmas everyone :) Hohoho

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