Sunday, May 29, 2011


I love smooth music :3 my favorite music of the day. and I feel so pretty every time I heard this song :3 anyway, speak about acceptance I am really concerned about people who doesn't even accepting the way they are. Do you think doing a plastic surgery for your boobs, nose etc will make sure that you will be appreciated by the others? But you did not appreciate yourself and God's creation over you. Acceptance did not means that you have to accepting all the good things in yourself. Sometimes we have to change the bad things about us into a good way. I mean God created Adam and Eve to be life partner and sharing the good values in human being. So, as a human remember God would never want His nation to use any wrong direction in our life. I mean that 'thing' absolutely can be change into the right pathway. For sure if someone have strong faith. If you think that you are born that way, you are 101% wrong. If you think you can blame Him, I hope you will remember who is your first creation and the reason why He choose you to be Human. If you still did not understand, I hope someday you'll be the most faithful person for yourself, family, friends and HIM. Glory to God :)

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