Thursday, February 3, 2011

Memory part 2

I've been so emo this lately. My cousin, Neliah had returned back to Sarawak for her studies.. and unsolve problem that I made. Anyway, lets talk about memories that happened in my life. Some moment are just too hard to forget but it's also an easiest thing to memorize. I hate growing up because I'll lose some of memories in my pocket and replacing it with current life. But I believe that the memory will linger in our hearts.. even the new things will come to us but the memories will remains in our hearts.

I've wrote another same title here 9 months ago and I promise to continue the writing but somehow I didn't know why I forget to write it back. Haha. Memory oh memory.. you are the reason why I holding the things I love.. the things I never wanted to lose. Keep your memory alive.

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