Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hye guys.

So, I decided to not attending the senam robik thingy yesterday.What's more important was serve the God. He give me lots of chances, forgive my sin, reading my soul you name it. I might lose a single coupon that could be my ticket to continue staying at hostel next semester but I will never wanted to lose my faith to God.

Anyway, last wednesday, I decided to followed the Gamelan workshop which is organize by the UiTM culture association. I think it was the best way to prove that the part 1 student also could be one of the UiTM gamelan team. At first, I thought there were lots of part 1 student would be attending this workshop but I was totally wrong by that. There's only five of us including myself and I am the only one who joining the Gamelan workshop. Kasih tabal muka saja lah.. next time nda payah pgi. I can't imagine the way I spoken and playing the Saron is not so cool. But, the good news is I've been brought by the culture association to the show. I am so excited and I couldn't believe by that. That's my very first time to be playing with them and I hope I could take the pressure on me. The show will be held on Tuesday. Oooohh.. I'm so afraid :(

I hope all the thingys is going well. Oh yeah.. I can't wait for holidays next week. I'm sure that there are tons of assignment in front of us.

God bless :)

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