Thursday, January 20, 2011

A messages

What do I did after having my morning prayer today?
Of course holding my mobile phone and pressed the internet section.
Guess what.. received a facebook messages from a woman who taking a jerk away from me. Haha
She asked me too much. Do I still fall in love with my ex? Do I wanted him back to my side?
and I asking her back.. If she've been lying by her ex, did she wanted him back?
and she really know how my feeling to be cheated by someone. Woww.. extremely good to hear that.
She asking my apologise to her rude behaviour. I accepted.
Meluatt lol .
I just assume that we were never being together.
Because loving the ex is my worst mistake ever.
and I don't even wanted the guy come back to my side.
Shame on youuuu!!!!

Good night.


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