Monday, December 13, 2010

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Hello guys.

I'm out of topic for now. It took me hours to think and find the best cover and originality songs to be posting here. It's hard to pick the best songs you know. The genre nor the melody of the song and the singer who sang the real or cover of that song. Anyway, I'll put it as soon as sooner. Hahaha. (=.='')

So, have you watch the last episode of amazing race Us version and Asia? I did and I'm glad to know that the richards took the title of amazing race Asia since I am really pointing them to win this race after Ethan and Khairie has been eliminated from this competition. Anyway, they're the first Filipino team to win this race.

Richard Hardin(left) and Richard Herrera(right). Richard He look so cute in a short hair ;P

Anyway, for the Us version the doctors claimed the title and being the first female team win this race. Still get upset when Team Jumba is not one of the finalist to cross the finish line.

Music :

I hearrrttttt this song too much. Much better than the part 1 song. Hahahaha.

p/s : My straight hair is back after two years been waiting for it. I'm feeling sooooo good :P plus never ever wanted to cut my hair again.

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