Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Biggest loser finale

Hye guys.

So, did you watch the finale of biggest loser Asia season 2 today? I did and I'm not too shocked with the result but somehow I thought Nai would be the winner of this season 2 of TBLA. As a fan (not really) of TBLA, I'm really hoping that one of the blue team members will win the competition again. But, when I looked at the red team progression each week I changed my mind. Still I'm hoping that one of the blue team member would reaching the finale. At least one. Anyway, I'm expecting that Nai will win this competition for sure. He has won all of the individual challenges every week and lose the most weight. Unlike Raj, he was more likely to be threaten for the other contestants because of his bad behaviour.

And guess what... it motivated him to be more stronger than ever and became the winner of The Biggest Loser Asia for season 2. I'm not seeing Raj as a bad guy and I didn't know why people keep saying harsh words to him. I'm extremely feel bad for him. He deserved it. I don't understand why they can't accepted the result until now. It is a game and someone would win and lose at the same time. (=.='')

Anyway, congratulation to Raj for winning the biggest loser Asia season two and became the second of the blue team member to won this competition.

Taken in the biggest loser Asia website
All the way blue team~
Looking forward for the next season.

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