Monday, December 6, 2010

New inspiration

I loss another sweet bunny today and I cried a lot. I'm regret for not knowing that the bunny was in a critical condition since a months ago. It was belong to my cousin. But I realized that they were not felt concern about their own pet so decided to take over. Seriously, I having a so much fun with the rabbit. Since my little bunny has gone I am more concern everything about the bunny. I can't stop loving it. So, a few days ago it showed a little bit strangeness than before. I am worried. But I tried to be in a positive way and I prayed a lot too. Unfortunately it has gone forever:'( I can't stop crying like I did with my little bunny. I'm angry to myself. I even put a blame to my aunty for not concerning about their own pet a long time ago. But I realized that there were no such a things to be mad at it. I can't blaming anyone. Even though I'm bitter upset, I should thankful to God for giving me one more chance to treat and take care of the rabbit. Because if I didn't doing this, I can't be more in a inspirational before this. It motivated me a lot to stay in a challenging life. Moreover, I feel more stronger to keep my dreaming back into a reality. It also motivated me to focus on my goal so that I can keep a lot of money to helping those animal who has been suffering over a years. Human are now lacking qualities of kindness. They showing no mercy with those pets or wild animal surround them.

Anyway, everybody seems in a Christmas mood in this month. It almost the end of the year and I'm hoping that next year will be my good year since I had through a lot of sadness this year.

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