Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love by a man

There are few sign when a guy decide to break up with his partner but do not reach the point.

1. He didn't sending you SMS for a long hours/period
2. He didn't calling you most of the time
3. Refuse to pay attention to your advise


Oh man, need to avoiding love from a man now. But how? I keep remember the past even though I tried to forget everything that happened to us. Yes we still try to be a friend but it just too hard to be a friend with your ex. Haha(T_T). But the worst is seeing all the girls commented with your ex's status in Facebook. LOL Did I just describe myself as a jealous person? No. I'm not. Ok2 maybe a bit of jealousy. Normal human nature bha tue. Haha.

Now, I try to forget everything about the past few months. It's sooooo over now between us. There's no more memories to keep(will deleted his messages on my archives soon) and life must go on. Hye, I think we did a good decision here. There must be a benefit inside of the story. I'll be more focusing on my books now and reaching my goal. Do I still believe in love? Yes I do. But I need a few years to recover back and find out my next soul mate. Haha ( I already have soulmates lah)

So, take your time to find out your partner unless he or she is behind you now. Haha.

Anyway, I just can't stop watching Kevjumba's videos in you tube. And I can't stop hahahahaha too!

Watching this over hundred of times minus zero at the back. Haha.

Good night peeps!

update : I think I've been cheated by him

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