Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick updated

Hello guys!

Oh no... It has been more than a week since my last updated and I'm freaking miss it people :O. Anyway, we will having our first upcoming excel examination soon. I hate to admit this but I am not prepare at all -.- I felt dying.. urrrgggh!

Speak about my application to Shah Alam, and yes I had sent up the recording tape at last. As I expected to be, there were lots of obstacle when doing this tape. I have to find a suitable recorder to record this tape. I also have to meet a person who willing to verify my important document. I mean a person who did the confirmation for the document stuff. Get it? Ahaa thats right! LOL Anyway, that was a last minute of delivery and I'm getting hopeless each of the minute. I just hope that they are still willing to accept my resume. But then I received a called from them again. Asking me to send back the recording tape. I knew it-.- .. Something wrong with the CD probably. But I managed to sent it back and just hoping that there are no other problem will comes up. Thanks Lord!

....... end of topic ........

May God bless us.

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