Saturday, October 23, 2010


Do you notice something?

Ahaaa.. no no.. the other one.. and yes You got it right !

It's my 18th birthday guys.. I'm excited and a little bit sad at the same time. Excited --> because I'm living this new era for almost 18 years. Sad--> I'm getting older olderrrrrrrr... oldeeeerrrr each day-.- But it is part of our life. Getting ages.. married.. children.. and dead. If I could choose the best birthday ever in my whole life, that would be my childhood time. Yes. when I was still a young fresh kid, we always celebrated and gather as one. The gifts.. I can't imagine how much it is. But now there's no more birthday party for me. Yes I can organize it as well but it is much better if I could spending time with my family away from home. Haha

Anyway, I am thanking God for giving me loves, shelther, strength, granted, chances and blessing for almost 18 years. God has been my greatest hero and best friend in my whole life. Thank you for my family as well. They are my true love. For my bestfriend, thank you as well. :) They are brighten my world.

Ok I need to go. I'm thinking to buy new guitar today :D So excited. Good bye then :) GBU..

We both share same month. Happy birthday as well sista (right) :)

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